Who wouldn’t love to make money while having fun, or making a dream come true? But for this job, you need to think about some things first.

Where can I find your videos?

We’ve just opened. So 2023 is the year of the auditions. Our first shootings will be done early 2024 here and available on all major VOD porn sites.

What kind of appearance/age do you accept?

We are the only French studio for bears, chubs and chasers. So we don’t care about your weight! We like hairs, we like fat, and we like the opposite!
About the age, we have a limit at 55 years old. It could change in the future, but for now, we stop at this age.

Is it discreet?

You’ll be exposed to an unlimited audience, worldwide. We don’t make videos with blurred/masked faces (but see next question for accessories). So it’s important to take this in account and don’t do porn if you want to be discreet. That’s also why BareRiders Studios highly recommend you to choose a stage name, so your family/employer won’t find you with a simple browser search. But be creative, cause this new name will be known by your future fans!

What is a good stage name?

We need a first name and last name, whether it’s invented or your real first/last names (if you’re comfortable with your future career). If you create one, be creative! You can combine things, like a first name you’d like to have and your favorite video game or movie character’s last name. Or even create a pun. Just remember you won’t be able to change it later and it’s how your fans will recognize you. Nevertheless, a single word, or anything that doesn’t sound like a first name + last name will be rejected.

Can I wear an accessory?

Just as you can create your own stage name, you can also create an identity based on accessories. Harness, jockstrap, hat, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you keep it in every videos so it becomes your own image. And even if we don’t allow accessories that hide the full face, like a hood, we totally accept half-masks that hide the eyes or things like that. We can totally imagine a bottom only filming videos with a blindfold, as an example.

Are your movies bareback (no condoms)?

Our scenes are bareback, so we don’t use condoms. We encourage our actors to inquire about PrEP and use it. Regular tests are also done before filming, and we don’t shoot a scene if we are not 100% sure that everybody is sane.

I'm HIV-positive under treatment (with undetectable viral load), can I apply to work with you?

Undetectable = Untransmittable. It’s scientifically proved and all organizations fight to deliver this message for years. So there is no reason for us to decline someone with an undetectable viral load. Furthermore, we test people before each filming. We stay totally open about that with our HIV-negative actors and they can accept or not to shoot a scene with an HIV-positive actor on treatment, but we always inform them about the fact that someone with an undetectable viral load can’t transmit the virus.

Where are you located?

Even though BareRiders Studios is located in Bordeaux (south west of France), we are traveling for some Bears events in many countries. So don’t stop to this detail. Furthermore, we are recruiting cameramen around the world to be present in as many countries as possible.

What is happening once my form is sent?

We’ll contact you under 10 days to answer your questions and give you more details.

What should I bring to my first shooting?

Two things are required, starting with an ID document (ID card or passport) to confirm your age. The second thing is an HIV test (in most countries, there is a free way to make one) dated from less than a week. A copy of these documents will be stored in your file so you won’t have to show them on your next shootings.
If you’re not able to show these documents, the shooting is cancelled.

Do we earn a good living in this job?

We won’t hide it, unless you do a lot of scenes, it’s more of an additional income. However, we chose a progressive compensation: the more scenes you shoot with us, the higher your income is! People opting for an exclusivity contract with BareRiders Studios also earn more.

Why is your logo changing colors sometimes?

It’s an easy and quick way to know which kind of scene you’ll be able to watch.
GOLD: it’s our main logo, for bears/chubs/chasers videos.
PURPLE: it’s an ageplay collection, for daddy/son videos.
RED: it’s our bisexual and trans collection. It always implies a woman with at least two men.
GREEN: that’s our organic, low-fat logo. This collection implies muscled guys or thin guys together.

What if I don't want to be an actor, just part of the tech crew?

It’s possible! We are looking for camera operators, directors, makeup artists and editors worldwide! To send your application, follow this link.

I'm a woman and would like to be in the bisexual collection, what are your criterias?

We don’t care about your physical appearance. Everyone has a chance. To send your application, follow this link.

I'm a trans-man or trans-woman, can I also apply?

Yes! Just use the application for men if you’re a trans-man and the application for women if you’re a trans-woman.

What guarantee do I have that BareRiders Studios is a serious company?

First of all, we do have a company registration number (named “SIRET” in France). Never trust a production if they can’t give you their company registration number that you could verify online.
We also comply to the 18 USC 2257 American law and therefor we are able to prove that nobody under the legal age appears in our productions (and that’s why we require a copy of our actors ID card).
At last, we are committed to the European Ethic Charter for Adult-Content Productions, in order to work in a respectful environment and apply to some rules.